Our Wedding: Ceremony & Reception

Sean and I always knew we wanted to get married at my country club in Connecticut. When I was a senior in college, my stepdad passed away from stomach cancer, and he had been a member there for many years. We felt like not only was it an extremely beautiful place to tie the knot, but it was a really special place to my mom and my family.

Since my parents are divorced and my mom is widowed, I was a little nervous for how the planning process would go, but it was honestly amazing and SO much fun. It really brought my “modern family” together in a whole new way and gave us all something momentous and exciting to look forward to together. I had daily phone calls with my parents to discuss all of the details and logistics, and my mom and I definitely spent days of our lives scouring every store from Sur La Table to Homegoods collecting mercury glass votives.

Together we created our vision and decided that mercury glass was the theme of the event, so we tried to emulate it in everything from the flowers, to the picture frames used around the venue, to my shoes. I love neutrals and metallics, so this became the total theme of the party! (See Details post for more info!)

Sean and I wrote most of our ceremony and our own vows, so it was super intimate and relatively short and sweet. We chose “At Last” for our first dance and “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday” for the next song, where we invited the whole group to join us on the dance floor. From that moment on, it was pretty much one big dance party… except for a minor incident with my great aunt’s hip that required a super stealth EMT crew to come in (she is okay now, thank goodness!) and some lengthy and pretty amazing speeches by my dad and my brother.

Adding a videographer at the last minute was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We invested a lot in our photographer, Brian Hatton, who is incredibly talented and amazing. He actually shot Vanessa Williams’ wedding a few months before ours and ended up in People magazine! But being able to relive the whole event through video is pretty priceless. I think it will become a tradition for many anniversaries to come.




Band: The Storytellers NYC


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Photo credit: Brian Hatton Weddings


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