Mauritius Part Two: The Time We Met a Lion

… And a tiger!

When we arrived in Mauritius, we were greeted by another travel agent who Nikki (our agent from Giltedge South Africa) had coordinated with for the second leg of our trip. She was super helpful in helping us plan excursions outside the hotel (aka… the one day we decided to leave and explore the island with a private guide). We were so glad we did, because it was totally magical everywhere!

Since we didn’t do a proper safari in South Africa, we took the opportunity to do what they called a “mini-safari” in Mauritius. We coined the term “zoo-fari”, because it was a weird cross between a zoo (which made me sad) and a true safari. We got to see tons of amazing animals and even hung out in a pen with a lion and a tiger, so at the end of the day it was worth it and they treat the animals amazingly well.

On our full-day tour, we also saw some dramatic vistas, waterfalls, and my personal favorite – the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth. It is this beautiful preserved ground that has literally turned into vibrant red, purple, orange, yellow, and even more colors from some combination of lava to clay minerals.

We ended the day back at the hotel with a beach side cocktail and fabulous sunset.

I thought the lions and tigers were going to be sedated and that’s why we were allowed in the pen with them (they are kept separate so we did two different pens)… but not the case! They only eat 2x/week and get very exhausted after because it takes so long to digest. So they only let people in for the interactions after they’ve had one of their two meals for the week. They give you a wooden stick for protection – it definitely did not make me feel safer!
Meet Tiggy – the first tiger born in Mauritius!
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