Iceland Part Three: Northern Lights & Photo Tips

Going into the trip, we knew seeing the Northern Lights wasn’t a guarantee. We had basically ruled it out and decided to focus on all of the things that we were a definite, and if we got to see them, it would be the cherry on top of an already wonderful trip.

We used this website, which all the locals use, to track them. The night we saw them the forecast was around a 5 (High) and they were spectacular right after the sunset. We didn’t even have to wait until super late, which was rare! It also happened to be our last night in Iceland, so that made it even more special.

I got my best pictures with the following settings (on a tripod):

  • ISO: 800
  • f/stop: 8
  • Shutter speed: 13-20 sec
  • Manual focus

I shot in both JPEG and RAW so I could edit the pictures more on my computer. I must say, the lights do look more dramatic in pictures than in person (they weren’t quite as bright in person), but it was an incredible experience nonetheless!



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