London is a place very near and dear to my heart because my dad, stepmom, sisters, and one of my closets friends lives there. My dad actually grew up in Europe from the time he was nine, attending various boarding schools and then Oxford University. He moved to the U.S. in his 20s, and then back to London for work about 15 years ago, where he met my stepmom, Susan.

When my brother and I were younger and had the luxury of school vacations and summers off, we would typically take a trip in February that included a stopover in London on our way to a ski destination elsewhere in Europe, like Switzerland (Zermatt is one of my favorite places on the planet – someday I will write a post about it), and then a summer trip to somewhere like the South of France or the Amalfi Coast. Those were the days! Now we try to go once a year, sometimes tacking on another trip but mostly just to see our family and enjoy the beauty of London.

It’s different when you visit a place where one of your parents lives – it automatically has a sense of home, safety, and familiarty. To see the devastating, senseless terror attacks happening all too frequently in London is disheartening, upsetting, confusing, and frankly, terrifying. I can’t seem to watch the coverage without crying. It’s just too much to bear and I can’t stop thinking about all the innocent people who have lost their lives or been affected. It all hits very close to home.

Sean and I were in London a few weeks ago visiting our family, and I have been meaning to post some of the gorgeous photos we captured. Today seemed like a good time, so here is my tribute to beautiful London during this weekend of sadness.




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