We bought a house!


Deciding to buy this house was one of the fastest decisions Sean and I have ever made.

At the recommendation of our accountant after our first joint tax return (fun fact, being married is expensive!), Sean and I decided to get serious about looking at real estate. We were sick of paying rent and having nothing to show for it. As much as we loved the city, after a lot of deliberation, we chose to focus our search on a few towns in CT – one being the place I grew up, plus a few others in the area. For us, it made so much more sense to invest in a house than an apartment, even though it meant a massive lifestyle change (commuting!).

The first thing we did was get a real estate agent (a friend of my mom’s) and she recommended a mortgage broker. Debra and Willie made the entire house buying process so much less daunting and were huge sources of insight for us. We learned really quickly that sharing every single thing about your financials and life ambitions with strangers is normal when you are buying house, what was important to us (not having to do any major renovations became a big one), and what we would be proud to invest our money in (and live in!) for the next 10+ years.

When I look back on this time, it feels like all of the events were so spread out, but it was actually a really quick process. From when we said “Let’s start looking” to putting an offer on the first house we found was only 3-4 weeks. Luckily, that offer fell through, and the following weekend we found the house we ended up in. We actually got to see it before it hit the market because Debra was the listing agent. All the stars had definitely aligned!

We hadn’t even gone upstairs yet when Sean tapped me on the shoulder and mouthed “this is the one.” I knew it immediately, too.¬† We made an offer right after we saw it and after a semi-sleepless night of contemplating all our life choices and making soo many spreadsheets, we brought a picnic to Central Park and accepted the counter-offer.

About eight weeks later, we closed. It was a whirlwind of inspections, issue resolution, town permit problems, learning all about the different types of mold that can grow in crawl spaces, and financial questions… but it all worked out in the end. Mostly thanks to Sean forcing the bank to release the funds so we could close on time, but that’s a story for another day!

Follow along for more posts of the inside!!





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